Pilgrimage Tours to the Holy Land from the UK

Over the last 3 years we have arranged successful and popular pilgrimages to the Holy Land in Palestine, Jordan and Israel in support of the minority Christian Community. These tours are unique in that they provide pilgrimages to the Holy Land where participants can interact with the local Christian community. We also offer itineraries to Egypt, Turkey, Poland and Spain where participants can explore the rich Christian heritage of these countries. As a UK registered charity all our profits are donated to support the Christian church in the Holy Land through projects that benefit the wider community. Contact us for dates of trips and prices.

You can also book flights for your pilgrimage using the ryanair customer service number.

Pilgrim Experiences

“I have no hesitation in recommending Palestine Pilgrimage.”

“The highlight of my trip was Aboud. The village where the parishioners welcomed us with such joy and hospitality.”

“The pilgrimage surpassed my expectations; the travel arrangements, the accommodation, the itinerary were all so well planned and organised.”

“Excellent organisation and guidance.” “Were my expectations met? Way, way above!”