Unique pilgrimages to the Middle East and Europe with all profits sent to support the Christian Community in the Holy Land. Palestine Pligrimage is a registered charity.


Come with us as we walk in the footsteps of Jesus, pray in the places where the Lord himself stood, and join the thousands of people who have made this great pilgrimage of faith.

We will also have the opportunity to meet and talk with the Christians who continue to live in the Holy Land and to be inspired as we share with our brothers and sisters in Christ.

For over 60 years the situation in the Middle East has been one of conflict and occupation, much suffering has taken place in the land associated with the ministry of Jesus Christ. The aim and objective of our tours is to visit the places associated with the life of Jesus and to meet with those who live in the Holy Land in order to understand their situation and to offer support and solidarity to the dwindling number of Christians who need our encouragement.

Statistics show that in 1900 the number of Christians in what is now, Israel, Palestine and Jordan stood at 17% of the total population. As of today it is reckoned to be less than 1.5%.There are several factors for this severe decline and it is intended that our visit will learn more about these issues in order that we can offer appropriate and effective support.

​See Life in ​Holy Land  as it is today​
​Some things happen in the same old way

​Visit the Holy place​s
​The Western Wall, all that remains of the Temple of Solomon

Meet the people of Palestin
A member of the October 2008 tour group with one of the local Palestinians.

Meet the Childreen to​​o
​Pupils at Bir Zeit School

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