Unique pilgrimages to the Middle East and Europe with all profits sent to support the Christian Community in the Holy Land. Palestine Pligrimage is a registered charity.

School and Youth Group Pilgrimages
Young people are the future!

Imagine the wonderful experience of a school or youth group pilgrimage to the Holy Land! Not only does the group from the UK benefit from a truly life changing pilgrimage, but the amazing geography and history of the region come to life.

It is also amazing to see the effect of such a visit on the young people of the Holy Land. Hope and mutual encouragement are the hallmark of such visits, for both groups of young people.

We have had several years experience of arranging pilgrimages specifically for school or youth groups and are more than happy to talk with you about your objectives and needs. We can arrange a visit to your location and make a presentation to parents and students as well as advising on the logistics of such a trip. All our pilgrimages for young people would include meeting with young people in the Holy Land and the trip itinerary would be tailored for a younger traveller. We produce a full and detailed risk assessment for each trip and are happy to speak with your School Trips Advisor.

If you would like more information, please download our schools leaflet or get in touch for more details.

Download our Schools Leaflet, click here(PDF)

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