Unique pilgrimages to the Middle East and Europe with all profits sent to support the Christian Community in the Holy Land. Palestine Pligrimage is a registered charity.


Palestine Pilgrimage is a not-for-profit organisation fully accredited with the UK Civil Aviation Authority and registered under the Air Travel Organisers Licence scheme. We are able to keep our office costs and overheads low and so can offer our customers a competitive price. Any excess income over expenditure we have at the end of each year is sent to the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem (Office of the Roman Catholic Archbishop) for use in the humanitarian work it undertakes.

Part of that work is to provide access to education, healthcare and socio-economic projects for people living in Israel, the West Bank, Gaza and Jordan. The projects we support are decided on the basis of needs identified by the Church which, since it works closely with the local people, tend to be small yet very necessary programmes.

On returning from a spiritually uplifting pilgrimage, it is good to know that part of that experience has been to leave a lasting legacy with the people who expressed such a welcome to us. To give something back for the great graces received on pilgrimage is part of our ambition.

However, for those who have not been on pilgrimage or who do not wish to go on pilgrimage, you can still make a contribution to supporting our projects either by making a donation on line (by clicking on the donate button below) or by getting in touch with us by clicking here to hear more of what we do and how you can be part of the response.

In the pages that follow you can see some of the ways in which the Church is helping the people of the Holy Land.

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