Unique pilgrimages to the Middle East and Europe with all profits sent to support the Christian Community in the Holy Land. Palestine Pligrimage is a registered charity.

​Bursary Scheme

Student and young people’s bursary scheme.

The vast majority of pilgrims to the Holy Land are more mature in years! However we have taken several groups of young people on visits to the Holy Land. It is a joy and inspiration working with such groups. Not only is the faith of the youngsters we take inspired and confirmed by a visit to the Holy Land, but the young people in the parishes and communities we visit are equally excited. Post-confirmation groups, schools and parish youth groups have visited with us and have returned committed to justice and peace. Many of the young people have engaged in fund raising in their own parishes and communities, but it is still an expensive undertaking. We have set up a fund where we can offer modest contributions to young people who would otherwise not get the opportunity to visit the Holy Land. We rely on gifts and donations to maintain this fund. If you would like to contribute, please get in touch with us.

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